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Information about me, Education, Knowledge, Job and also private stuff.

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A Weblog will be available on the page in future. You can find it in the navigation on the left and also on this website. Probably I will replace the static news with an rss feed from my blog. It was sufficient for a page that did not change too much and the news for other projects where posted on the project page. But in the age of blogging, I feel there should one available here as well. You can even contact me there with comments to my postings.


The newest Version of this Website implements php for the first time. All of my future pages will be based on php.

Ralfs Phantastik Corner



Logo Phantastik-Ecke

Ralfs Fantastic Corner is a Website with Recensions and Escerpts of the series and novels I have read over the last years. Hosted in the PROC Portal.



From August 1999 until March 2000, I have spent seven months in Sydney for my second internship. Since then, Australia is a very special place for me.




Dorgon is a Perry Rhodan Fanseries, started ánd invented by the Perry Rhodan Online Club. As an Autor, I have contributed more than 25 stories to the series.


Logo Playball

I have started to play Baseball already in the year 1990 and since then I am an active member of the Aalen Strikers Baseball Club. Why the sport is interesting for me, how it works and what happens in Germany and the US, will be entered here.

Shadow Warrior

Tiefer Stollen


Logo Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior is a Perry Rhodan Fanseries that I have developed as an Author. Up to now, there are two volumes available. If I will find the time, there will be more in future.


Logo Tiefer Stollen

The Visitors Mine "Tiefer Stollen" in Aalen for many years was my work and my hobby at the same time. Today, I don't have the time any more to be a tour guide through the mine, but my informative pages about the visitors mine still exist.

Perry Rhodan Fanpage



Logo PR-Fanpage

Perry Rhodan is the world greatest Science Fiction Series. I am fan of the series since about 1984. These pages desribe a little bit my personal relationship to Perry Rhodan and my engagement for several Perry Rhodan Fanclubs.

Meine Linux-Registrierungsnr.

The Operating System is less and less important nowadays. If it is started, it anyway mostly serves as a platform to enter the web and do many things there or work on documents that can be worked on with programmes that are available on all known platfomrs. If you don't just want to know about the market leader, but also about other possibilities, you can find many interesting products on the Linux market. The systems can be installed very simple, are very reliable and stable and there is nearly nothing that is missing. On my computers, I usually have an installation of the actual Ubuntu running in parallel to Windows XP and from time to time also the newest version of Suse.