About me

Elementary School and grammar school in Aalen couldn't prepare me for this big, bad world out there, but the "Bundeswehr", the German Federal armed Forces where already a different kind of experience. In the retrospective, it was all not that bad in the "German Army". But in the end I know many things that would have been better to do in this year. Mainly considering the following years..

Apprenticeship in Schorndorf and Aalen and studying in Ludwigsburg

The University for public administration and Finance in Ludwigsburg, was for two years my home. The practical part of the apprenticeship I finished after 18 month in Schorndorf and 6 month in "Landratsamt" Aalen. After all, the education I got there was not as valuable as I thought it would be. After the end of the GDR many administrational clerks where necessary in the new federal states, but certainly, that was also clear for the people there and they started to educate there own personnel. Baden-W├╝rttemberg allowed many people to study to have the resources for the new federal states. But many did not want to go there and for many others there was no space left. So I could not find a job after the end of my studying. In Baden-W├╝rttemberg, it was not possible any more and I did not really want to go close to the polish border, where some final possibilities where left over. Unfortunately, in this education the amount of business administration or law was all there but not adequate for positions in these areas. So I decided to try again, this time in the field of International Business Administration.

Studying at the University for economics and technology in Aalen

Four years of additional studying was not really what I have planned for. But after all, I can be quite happy with the chance I got. It was a difficult time, but after all these years I have to admit that it was worth it. The emphasis of this education was not just business administration, but with a focus on international and intercultural communication and languages. Also another emphasis was on Internet and Internet Technologies. Today, it is very difficult to enter this field of studying in Aalen, but I was one of the first to pass this studying. If somebody doesn't make it into the International Business Administration in Aalen, there is another one called Business Administration for small and medium sized companies.

I have made many positive experiences in this field of studying. Several student research projects have been made and the result of some of them can be found on these pages. My second internship was one of the best experiences in my live. It had to be international and I had the luck to find a possibility to pass it in Australia. In Sydney was a subsidiary of the German company Vossloh Schwabe. Because we did not produce the parts but just sold them and because there was a network of Distributors, I had the chance to be really involved into some areas of Business Development. I developed reports, Presentations and participated in some Marketing measures.

Apart from that, Sydney is simply a beautiful city. If I will ever have the chance again to go back there, I will certainly use it. There are not many more beautiful places than the city and the surroundings with the Blue Mountains, the natural harbour of Sydney around Opera House, the freshly renovated Darling Harbour district or Taronga Zoo and certainly the beaches. I know mainly the Manly beaches, there we have been quite a lot. The weekends where always busy in Sydney.

During the week as well we had to do many things and I never regret to have the chance to work there. The company gave me the opportunity to write my thesis in Australia as well and so my planning was to go back there, use three month to write the thesis and the other three to spend some holidays with more extensive travelling in Australia. Because the distances are very big, all journeys are long journeys and from a time and money point of view, it was difficult to realize these travelling.

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, this never happened. I wrote my thesis in Germany, together with the Internet trader Computeruniverse and the result of this thesis that I got from my professor was the highest possible result (sehr gut).