One of my hobbies is Baseball, a sport that is not that popular in Germany, but has meanwhile quite some fans. Since the German national team is getting better and better, it would be certainly very good for the sports in Germany, if there would be some more success in the international championships in the near future. I am personally playing since about 1990 for the MTV Aalen Strikers Baseball Club, we play in the "Bezirksliga", the momentarily lowest league. If the glorious past, we already have been a lot higher ranked, but after some problems in the last years with new players entering the team from our youth leagues, we are at the moment a little bit in a crisis. But this year, there seems to be a pretty good team playing, we are at the moment second ranked in our league.

Another sports oriented hoppy is table tennis and I am also active with my bicycle, swimming and in the fitness centre.

I also love to read books in the area of Science Fiction. Perry Rhodan is the world biggest Science Fiction series and since about 1984 part of my life. The Perry Rhodan Online Club hosts some of my web pages, I am member there since many years and responsible for a project of recension of German and International fantastic literature. I also am part of a team of hobby writers for the Dorgon fan series and have my own series called Schadow Warrior. I love to read as well novels of Stephen King, Wolfgang Hohlbein, Andreas Eschbach and Tom Clancy.

Another hobby was in the past the work in the Visitors Mine "Tiefer Stollen" in Aalen-Wasseralfingen. Currently, I can not do this any more because I work about 100 kilometers away from Aalen and with the amount of other hobbies (also my websites, that want to be maintained from time to time), it is just not possible at the moment.

This is also the reason, why my pages dedicated to Australia will change the character a little bit. Instead of running an interactive website that is very actual, I will include these pages into my normal website and keep on the facts of my internship and experiences I have made in Australia.

And one of the most important private events in the last years was certainly the marriage with a Brazilian girl that I met with the help of another Brazilian colleague that was working for several years in the same company together with me. She returned to our subsidiary in Brazil, but instead my wife is here in Germany since last year.