In June 2001 I finally started to work. Two companies wanted to give me a contract and I finally went to a company called Gehe. This company is active as a wholesaler for pharmacy. I was responsible for consulting in the field of "new media" which meant in this time, creating Homepages for drug stores (German "Apotheke"). Due to my technical experience, I should be responsible for giving assistance to the drug stores in creating the website. During my work, the emphasis changed more and more in the direction of sales and that was not really what I wanted and also not what I can do. After the three months approbation time, the company decided to stop the area of "New Media Consultant" and laid-off all of the consultants. Probably if would have been better to accept the offer to be controller at Zeiss company. But the other area seemed to be more interesting.

And afterwards you always know more. In my second attempt I again had the possibility to choose between to jobs. One of them was being consultant for SAP FI module at itelligence company in Germany. But after some problems with getting the contract, I decided for the other job and that was a job as E-Business Coordinator at Cooper Standard Automotive. Since then, I am working for Cooper, although not in the same position any more. Meanwhile, I am one of the responsible IT Business Analysts for the ERP System FORS. I spent several months in Plymouth (England) to assist in implementing the FORS system there and after that, I was also responsible for an implementation project in Wales. After this, all future FORS projects have been cancelled, because the decision for new Software was made. SAP will be implemented in the next years and we are already working in the French plants to implement the system there.

We have also plants in Poland and Czech Republic, where I also have been already to support the usage of FORS and do extension projects for the existing FORS ERP-Software there.